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Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection
October 21, 2018 – January 13, 2019
Huth, Boeing, Salmon & Haws Galleries

A celebration of beauty, Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection features more than 60 objects, spanning over 30 years of Tiffany’s prolific career. One of America’s most renowned artists, Louis Comfort Tiffany worked in nearly all the media available to artists and designers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—glass, ceramic, metalwork, jewelry, and painting. Tiffany’s technical brilliance in a wide variety of media enabled him to convey his awe of the natural world through a range of objects, from common household items to one-of-a-kind masterpieces. He earned international acclaim for his artistic output, receiving prestigious awards in exhibitions across Europe and the United States. His work was enthusiastically collected by art museums and private collectors throughout his lifetime, and continues to be highly sought after today. This exhibition, focusing on Tiffany’s magnificent stained-glass windows, floral vases, lamps, and accessories, revels in the artistry and craftsmanship of the Tiffany artworks from Chicago’s distinguished Richard H. Driehaus Collection, highlighting masterworks never before presented in a comprehensive exhibition.

The Richard H. Driehaus Collection is one of the country’s most important private collections of works by American decorative designer Louis Comfort Tiffany. Widely recognized as the gold standard for American decorative objects of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, works by Tiffany and his associated firms are a core collecting area for Richard H. Driehaus.

Louis Comfort Tiffany: Treasures from the Driehaus Collection was organized by
the Richard H. Driehaus Museum and is toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC.

Encounters: Denise Stewart-Sanabria
October 7, 2018 – January 20, 2019
Grisham Gallery

The latest exhibition in this long-standing showcase for outstanding regional contemporary art focuses on the distinctive work of this celebrated Tennessee artist. Stewart-Sanabria paints hyperrealist “portraits” of everything from animated produce to subversive jelly donuts, often reflecting on human behavior through anthropomorphic narratives. The artist is also known for her life-size figurative drawings on plywood, which are cut out, mounted on wood bases, and staged in conceptual arrangements. A native of Massachusetts, Stewart-Sanabria received her BFA in Painting from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst, and has lived in Knoxville since 1986.

Stewart-Sanabria’s signature paintings often feature lifelike fruits, vegetables and desserts seemingly acting out interpersonal dramas, sometimes set against simple monochromatic backgrounds, and other times in front of lush toile-patterned fabrics that depict nature and bucolic life. “I specifically do not label my work as ‘still lifes,’ which I consider an archaic and inaccurate term for what I am creating,” she says. “Still lifes have traditionally been genre paintings of domestic items and food, often with symbolic references attached to them connected with life, death, and survival. What I am doing is pure observation — how the eye perceives my subjects in all their beauty as light hits them, intensifying the color saturation. I am also interested in their ability to create complicated abstract compositions when combined in groups or scattered across the picture plane.”

Stewart-Sanabria describes her large-scale figurative drawings on wood as “simple representations of individual personalities and how people interact in social settings.” The artist bases her works on photographs that she takes surreptitiously at art openings in order to guarantee that the subjects are not acting self-consciously. A garment instructor for the theatre department at the University of Tennessee and versed in scale-model stage layouts, Stewart-Sanabria understands better than most the nuances of human behavior: “When the panels are in a gallery setting, they virtually interact with the live humans that encounter them. The people who live or work around them actually bond with them.”

Looking at the Collection: Nature’s Realm
August 19 – November 4, 2018

The Huntsville Museum of Art is pleased to showcase a selection of artworks from its own permanent collection that explores aspects of the natural world we all inhabit. Some works are gifts from generous donors, while others were added through purchase. The Museum’s collection currently totals over 3,500 works of art, providing a rich re-source for its curators to develop exhibitions such as these.

Nature’s Realm focuses on contemporary works of art from the collection whose sub-jects reference the landscape and its flora and fauna. The exhibition highlights a range of artistic “takes” on the theme, offering the viewer the opportunity to compare and contrast differing approaches to composition, subject matter and storytelling. On view are paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and three-dimensional works in glass, metal, wood and ceramic. Works range stylistically from the hard-edged realism of Nall Hollis’ deconstructed flowers; to the softly color-drenched landscapes of George Cress; to the sheer abstraction of Pat Musick‘s mixed-media sculptures.

With this exhibition we salute the depth and diversity of the Museum’s permanent col-lection, and thank those artists whose works have enriched the cultural life of our region.

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