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Bentonville, AR

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Exhibition: What I Know: Gifts from Gordon W. Bailey
06/26/2021 - 10/11/2021 (more information)
Maxfield Parrish (1870 - 1966)
The Lantern Bearers, 1908
40 × 32 in. (101.6 × 81.3 cm), Oil on canvas mounted on board
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, 2006.71
The Lantern Bearers, 1908
Dr. Crow, ca. 1982-1984
Exhibition: The Bruising: For Jules, The Bird, Jack and Leni by Rashid Johnson
TBD (more information)
Sam Doyle
Dr. Crow, ca. 1982-1984
house paint on metal, 45 x 26 1/2 in.,
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas, Gift of Gordon W. Bailey. Image courtesy of Gordon W. Bailey.
Exhibition: The Bruising: For Jules, The Bird, Jack and Leni by Rashid Johnson
TBD (more information)
Rashid Johnson
Philodendrons are native to tropical regions of the Americas. In the wild, they can climb trees and reach heights of 10-20 feet. We grow them here in pots or greenhouses for the dramatically large and shiny foliage.

Photo by Ironside Photography / Stephen Ironside

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
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Bentonville, AR, 72712

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Complimentary parking is available in the Museum parking garage. Follow the signs on Museum Way. The parking garage offers ADA compliant parking. During especially busy days, guests may need to park in the Additional Parking lot on Museum Way near the guard station, or at Orchards Park across NE J Street, and walk to the Museum entrance via the Orchard Trail.

The Museum’s main drive connects to a drop-off area at the Museum entrance. Cars and buses may stop here to load and unload passengers. No parking is allowed in this area.

There is no RV parking available on the Crystal Bridges grounds. RVs may park at Orchards Park.

All interior spaces of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – including galleries, classrooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, Museum Store, Library, and lobby – are fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The parking garage offers ADA compliant parking on the lower level. Guest Services

Welcome to Eleven, the restaurant at Crystal Bridges. We specialize in modern American comfort food with an emphasis on traditions that hail from the “high South and low Midwest” region…the Ozarks. Our “edible responsibility” approach demonstrates our commitment to promoting and celebrating local food culture, featuring fresh ingredients from the Bentonville Farmers’ Market and other food artisans in Northwest Arkansas. The robust cuisine of Eleven not only nourishes, but also tells a story—inspired by the artworks, natural surroundings, and fascinating regional history connected to our Museum.

Located in the heart of the country in Bentonville, Arkansas, Crystal Bridges explores the unfolding history of America by collecting and exhibiting outstanding works of art that illuminate our artistic heritage and enrich our understanding and appreciation of our nation and ourselves.

Located on 120 acres of native Ozark forest, Crystal Bridges’ grounds invite visitors to enjoy the natural environment as a continuation of their museum experience. The Museum’s distinctive architecture immerses visitors in the landscape, while three miles of nature trails encourage exploration and reflection.

Through our ever-expanding permanent collection of American art, temporary exhibitions, and a wide variety of entertaining and educational programs, Crystal Bridges has become an invaluable resource for our community, and a must-see attraction for tourists to Northwest Arkansas. In addition, a number of ground-breaking exhibition and education initiatives place Crystal Bridges at the forefront in scholarship and outreach innovation.

About the Frank Lloyd Wright house at Crystal Bridges
Known as the Bachman-Wilson House, this structure is an example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s classic Usonian architecture. The word “Usonian” was derived from an abbreviation of “United States of North America.” Wright embraced this term as the name for a distinctly American and democratic style of residential architecture he developed during the Great Depression. Compared to his highly customized homes, these were simpler, lower-cost houses designed to be within the reach of the average middle-class American family, without sacrificing quality. Approximately 120 Usonian homes were built. This house was originally built for Gloria Bachman Wilson and Abraham Wilson in 1954 along the Millstone River in New Jersey. It was subsequently purchased by architect/designer team Lawrence and Sharon Tarantino in 1988 and meticulously restored. However, the structure was threatened by repeated flooding at its original location, and the Tarantinos eventually determined that selling the house to an institution willing to relocate it was the best option for its preservation. After their multi-year search for a suitable institution, Crystal Bridges acquired the house in 2013. The entire structure was then taken apart and each component was labeled, packed, and loaded into two trucks provided by J.B. Hunt for transportation to the Museum. After its 1,235 mile journey, the Bachman-Wilson House arrived in Northwest Arkansas in April, 2014. Scott Eccleston, Crystal Bridges’ Director of Operations, spearheaded the reconstruction process. The team consisted of Ron Shelby, lead architect with Hight Jackson Associates; Bill Faber, chief contractor with Bill Faber Construction; and an experienced team of construction workers and specialists. The Frank Lloyd Wright house is now situated a short distance from the Museum’s south entrance, with views overlooking the native woodlands and Crystal Spring.

Museum Photo: Aerial view:
"Aerial view of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,
designed by Safdie Architects;
photography by Timothy Hursley.
Courtesy of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,
Bentonville, Arkansas."


Crystal Bridges at 10
Through SEP 27, 2021
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What I Know: Gifts from Gordon W. Bailey
JUN 26 - OCT 11, 2021
(more information)

The Bruising: For Jules, The Bird, Jack and Leni by Rashid Johnson
(more information)


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