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Vik Muniz: Photography and the Rebirth of Wonder
Through Oct 14, 2018.

Vik Muniz: Photography and the Rebirth of Wonder examines the full breadth of the imaginative artist’s career and features more than 100 photographs, including many of Muniz’s most recent works.

One of the most innovative artists working today, Muniz uses unconventional materials and photographic images that play with our process of perception. The São Paulo, Brazil native creates sculptural works from unusual materials like chocolate syrup, tomato sauce, magazine clippings, diamonds, and trash, which he then records with his camera. He calls the resulting images "photographic delusions" because they often resemble well-known images from the history of art and popular culture.

Frequently playing with scale, he has made enormous land drawings that he photographs from the air. More recently, he has created microscopic works using microorganisms and single grains of sand. In every instance, he makes the familiar seem wondrous, highlighting the extraordinary power of vision, perspective, and imagination.

This exhibition has been co-organized by the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography, Minneapolis/New York/Paris/Lausanne, and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta. The exhibition catalog will be available for purchase in the Museum Shop.

Piranesi's Prisons
Through Sep 9, 2018

The 1761 series is a monument in the history of art and includes some of the most well-known etchings in the world. Instead of depicting real prisons, the Italian artist used impossible, complex spaces along with heavy stone walls, and wooden beams, to create an experience far more punishing than bars and gates could suggest.

The exhibition will also include a number of other Piranesi prints in the Chrysler’s collection, from the Antichità Romane, the Grotteschi, and others. Search our online collection.

Promise and Perception: The Enchanted Landscapes of Sibylle Peretti
Through Sep 9, 2018.

Sibylle Peretti was born in Germany where the rich tradition of glassmaking influenced the direction of her artistic training and the abundant Bavarian forests inspired her choice of landscape as a predominant theme in her work. Using two-dimensional kiln-formed panels and three-dimensional lost-wax castings, Peretti composes narratives about the beautiful and poetic yet disrupted relationship between humans and the natural world. She invites us into her dream-like world to observe a child playing on the river bank or a sleeping fox as they exist in their enchanted landscapes. Here in these magical environments, we can contemplate our connection to nature and perhaps will uncover the secrets of coexistence.

Ezra Wube: Tales of Home
Through Dec 30, 2018

Ezra Wube: Tales of Home presents a group of five stop-motion animation videos of New York-based, Ethiopian artist Ezra Wube.

The shorts feature vignettes about urban life in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and visual depictions of Ethiopian oral folktales. The artist uses a range of material, including paint, paper cut-outs, seeds, plants, and photography, to create intriguing films highlighting daily life in Ethiopia’s largest city and fantastical, oral folk tales from the artist’s youth.

Looking Back to the Future: Norfolk Renewal in Photographs by Carroll H. Walker
Through Mar 31, 2019

With the demolition of the National Hotel in 1958, Norfolk launched the biggest urban renewal project in its history.

The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA) had already begun redevelopment programs in other parts of the city, mostly focusing on public housing. With the Downtown Redevelopment Project, urban planners sought to replace Norfolk’s old downtown with something entirely new. When the dust settled at the end of the 1960s, 140 acres had been cleared. Taverns, burlesque houses, markets, and hotels had been leveled; grand boulevards, modern civic buildings, and towering high-rises took their place. The city’s leaders aimed to establish a new identity for Norfolk by replacing old and dilapidated buildings with modern structures.

Photographer Carroll Herbert Walker, Sr. (1904–1990) had an eye for both the dramatic and the subtle changes brought about by the redevelopment of downtown. The Baltimore native was raised in Norfolk’s Brambleton neighborhood, just east of downtown. Interested in art from an early age, Walker studied painting and book illustration until the Depression drove him to seek other work. He became a sales representative for the Norfolk & Western Railroad, where he worked for 38 years.

As a photographer and avid photography collector, Walker focused on the built and natural environment of Hampton Roads, publishing multiple books about the region that combined historical images with his own contemporary photographs. The works in this exhibition come from a substantial collection given to the Chrysler Museum by Walker in the late 1960s.

This exhibition is on view at the Willoughby-Baylor House, 601 E. Freemason Street, Norfolk.

Photographs Take Time: Pictures from the Chrysler Collection
Through Aug 12, 2018

Photographs Take Time draws from the Chrysler Museum’s remarkable collection to explore photography’s complex relationship with time.

The show spans photographic history—from 19th-century daguerreotypes for which subjects sat immobilized during the early camera’s long exposure time to contemporary photographs that use special lights and mechanics to capture multiple moments in a single frame. In addition to a technical story about the camera’s ability to freeze a slice of time, the show highlights works that make time their subject, investigating notions of permanence and decay, history and memory and essence and accident. The exhibition will include works by Harold Edgerton, Vera Lutter, William Christenberry and many others.

Multiple Modernisms
Through Jan 31, 2019

Enjoy familiar pieces and see new works in Multiple Modernisms at the Chrysler Museum of Art.

This reinstallation of the Chrysler Museum’s McKinnon Galleries highlights pieces in the Museum’s permanent collection through an examination of differing narratives about the history of modern and contemporary art. The exhibition shows similar approaches between artists, many who worked simultaneously or successively. It also explores contradictory ideas influenced by politics and socioeconomics.

Multiple Modernisms pairs internationally renowned artists like Jackson Pollock and Georgia O’Keeffe with those of local or regional acclaim like Norfolk artist Vic Pickett. The exhibit also showcases work by female artists, artists of color and artists from other countries.

“I wanted this presentation to show the breadth and depth of the Museum’s collection. It was important to show there are alternate narratives to the history of contemporary art because not all artists or genres were or are embraced within the canon. Art history is fluid and constantly being revised. I wanted to highlight that,” -Kimberli Gant, McKinnon Curator of Modern & Contemporary Art.

Multiple Modernisms is guided by six themes including Sculpted Figures, The Gesture, Invoking Geometry, Refined Dynamism, Layered Perspectives and (Hyper) Reality. Sculpted Figures features three-dimensional interpretations of the human body. The Gesture presents works that emphasize the artist’s expressive mark on the canvas. In Invoking Geometry, viewers see images of shapes and patterns. Refined Dynamism focuses on works about movement within a restrained color palette, while Layered Perspectives presents artistic interpretations of major events, symbols, mythology, and society. (Hyper) Reality includes works presenting an extreme version of reality. “By organizing the exhibition by themes, viewers will see how artists were influenced by each other, could create similar or conflicting perspectives on the same event and experimented with the same techniques or ideas across time and geography,” said Gant.

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