How art and cultural organizatins may have free ads on Art Museum Touring

Art Museum Touring has over 1 million pages viewed each year for every 1,000 weekly visitors

Art Museum Touring would like to see the ad column of each museum’s page on our website show each city’s music, performances, theater, other museums, historic sites, zoos, etc., provided by its non-profit organizations. Tourists like to have a bundle of activities to do when planning their travels. It is the art and cultural orgs that may give our visitors the extra incentive to visit in person. The more ads there are with direct links to the organizations, the more interesting your city will appear.

You literally have seconds to catch our visitor’s eye. The Art Museum Touring website has over 500 current exhibitions from over 160 museums from 39 states plus DC. Each week there is an average of 30+ new exhibitions from many different cities and states featured in our weekly “Openings, Closings and Events” newsletter. Each is only one click away for our weekly newsletter viewers.

We think ads with direct links to the organzations’ website, should be free. They would be showing the many other things there are to do in addition to seeing the exhibitions at the museum. Their ads would be inviting our visitors to come to your city. It would give our visitors a chance to buy advance tickets; increase the number of people coming to your events, or make visiting you part of their plans. Probably, some of our newsletter subscribers live in your area. An ad may increase your membership.

But someone has to pay for the ad space. We publicize the museum’s exhibitions and update them at no cost. We can do no more. Of course, an organization may pay for its own ad spot. Most of the tourism dollars will be spent on lodging, restaurants, and shopping. Businesses that rely on tourist dollars, restaurants, hotels, art galleries, shops, etc., may be happy to sponsor organizations’ ads. Historic homes might be sponsored by realty companies that specialize in selling historic homes. Some of our visitors may be moving to your area.

The ad rate for non-profits is 40% less that our normal ad rate. Since we are not a non-profit, the sponsor could have a small ad about themselves directly above, or below the organization’s ad at the same rate. Each ad spot, the org’s and the sponsor/s, would have a direct link to its website.

A company, or philanthropic individual, may choose to sponsor just a single organization, A group of organizations may be sponsored by a larger corporation Here is link to a mock-up ad with Kroger as the sponsor, They support the arts and are putting art installations in many of their new stores. A national company may see it as an opportunity to attract more art and cultural lovers to become one of their regular customers. The corporation might decide to make it part of a national ad campaign sponsoring other orgs in the states where they do business.

1. Choose the museum's page where you want your ad (ad column on right size of page). If you want your ad to appear on more than one museum's page, list all museum's page where you want to have an ad. Each ad is an additional cost. If ad sponsor is different, it will depend on the ad size. Price is calculated on total ad height including sponsor's listing.

2. Non-profit rate is $15 per 100 pixels H by 200 pixels W. Minimum ad period ix 13 weeks, a quarter of a year, with no ad changes during the ad period except for corrections. Organizations and sponsors will have a chance to preview the ad before ad period begins, Ad position is based on when the ad payment is received. Full price paid ads will always be at the top of the ad column. Payment is via PayPal. Payment can be by check, but ad posting will wait until check has cleared the bank. Once ad is ready to be posted, you will be sent a PayPal invoice, Ads can be posted very quickly after receiving ad copy and payment.

3. Send ad copy and sponsor's ad. They may be sent separately. We will get the ad ready to be posted and add links. All the organization has to do is send images and links for itself and sponsor’s ad if there is one. We suggest the sponsor’s ad be a similar size, or smaller than the orgs ad. If they want a larger ad, they can give the org a larger ad.

Any questions, contact me.

Tom Carris
Art Museum Touring
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