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Graphic Women

Chuck Close Photographs

The Loaded Brush: The Oil Sketch and the Philadelphia School of Painting

Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms

Take it Away, Keep it Together

Graphic Women
November 16, 2017 - February 18, 2018

Focusing on the growth of professional women artists in Philadelphia between 1880 and the early 20th century

Focused on the efflorescence of professional women artists in Philadelphia that occurred in the decades between 1880 and the early 20th century, this intimate exhibition features the work of Violet Oakley, her teacher Cecilia Beaux, and their contemporaries Mary Cassatt, Susan MacDowell Eakins, Mary Nimmo Moran, Alice Barber Stephens, and Lilian Westcott Hale among many others.

Graphic Women includes over 30 delicate charcoals, etchings, pastels, pen-and-ink illustrations, and watercolors, which due to their ephemeral nature are not often shown PAFA’s galleries.

Some of the works are recent purchases and gifts that have never before been on view and represent the best of the genres of period styles in which women artists were working, including professional illustration, the Etching Revival, and vibrant watercolors from the golden age of American watercolor.

Graphic Women is presented in conjunction with A Grand Vision: Violet Oakley and the American Renaissance, a large-scale exhibition of the work of Violet Oakley, at the Woodmere Art Museum, on view September 30, 2017 through January 21, 2018.


Graphic Women is made possible with generous support from Bowman Properties, Dorothy J. del Bueno, Glenmede, the IFPDA Foundation, and Ken Woodcock.

Works on Paper Gallery Exhibitions in 2017-18 are supported by Bob Boris and Linda Seyda

Chuck Close Photographs
Through April 08, 2018
Hamilton Building

Exploring how one of the most important figures in contemporary art has stretched the boundaries of photographic means, methods, and approaches

Chuck Close Photographs, the first comprehensive survey of the photographic work of the renowned American artist, features some 90 images from 1964 to the present, showing the full range of the artist’s exploration of photography—from early black and white maquettes, to monumental composite Polaroids, to intimately scaled daguerreotypes and the most recent Polaroid nudes.

The exhibition, organized by the Parrish Art Museum, explores how one of the most important figures in contemporary art has stretched the boundaries of photographic means, methods, and approaches.

While known primarily as a painter, throughout his career Close has been deeply engaged in both photography and fine art printmaking. For more than 40 years, these artistic approaches have informed and inspired him. Chuck Close Photographs further demonstrates the broad reach of his art.

Chuck Close Photographs was organized by the Parrish Art Museum. The exhibition is made possible, in part, by the generous support of the Lannan Foundation; Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation; Louise and Leonard Riggio; The Muriel F. Siebert Foundation; Pace Gallery, New York; Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman; Jennifer Rice and Michael Forman; Marie Josee & Henry R. Kravis; The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation; Joseph M. Cohen; Andrea Krantz and Harvey Sawikin; Gretchen and Andrew McFarland; Arthur Loeb Foundation; and those who wish to remain anonymous. Chuck Close Photographs is made possible at PAFA by generous support from Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman, Julie Jensen Bryan and Robert Bryan, and Mike and Emily Cavanagh.

PAFA’s special exhibitions in 2017-18 are supported by a generous contribution from Jonathan L. Cohen.

The Loaded Brush: The Oil Sketch and the Philadelphia School of Painting
Through February 04, 2018

Exploring Thomas Eakins’ practice of oil sketching, and the resulting legacy that continues to the present

The Loaded Brush: The Oil Sketch and the Philadelphia School of Painting offers insights into the use of oil sketches to quickly capture a gesture or to deliberately study the effects of color and form.

Thomas Eakins used oil sketches both in his studio practice and as a teaching tool. Artists who followed were inspired by the visual poetry and potential of the practice and were inspired in turn to follow his methods. Others reacted against the method, but grasped the intent, applying oil sketching to expressive, chromatic, or perceptive experiments.

The exhibition demonstrates the depth and breadth of the legacy of oil sketching. Included are a number of rarely-seen artworks from the 19th century to the present, featuring diverse talents and styles depicting a variety of subject matter.

The artwork of PAFA alumni and faculty includes: Susan Macdowell Eakins, Thomas Anshutz, Cecilia Beaux, Alice Barber Stephens, Violet Oakley, Arthur B. Carles, Faye Swengel Badura, Arthur DeCosta, Seymour Remenick, Lou Sloan, Elizabeth Osborne, Vincent Desiderio, Bill Scott, Stanley Bielen, and Renée Foulks.

PAFA’s special exhibitions in 2017-18 are supported by a generous contribution from Jonathan L. Cohen.

Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms
Through March 18, 2018
PAFA: Historic Landmark Building

Bryn Mawr College: Canaday Library, 101 N Merion Avenue, Bryn Mawr
September 28, 2017 - January 28, 2018

Laurel McLaughlin
Mechella Yezernitskaya

This exhibition explores the subversions and potentialities of feminine forms through works by women artists.

Beyond Boundaries: Feminine Forms is a dual-sited exhibition of artworks from the Linda Lee Alter Collection of Art by Women at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and The William and Uytendale Scott Memorial Study Collection of Works by Women Artists of the Special Collections at Bryn Mawr College.

The collaboration, conceived by graduate students in the History of Art, Mechella Yezernitskaya and Laurel McLaughlin, in consultation with Carrie Robbins, Curator of Art & Artifacts, Bryn Mawr College, Jodi Throckmorton, Curator of Contemporary Art, PAFA, and Judith Thomas, Director of Exhibitions, PAFA, brings together two institutions, collections, and curatorial teams for an exhibition that highlights and reexamines each institution's inclusive efforts to collect artworks by women. While considering the historical stakes of such strategic essentialism, the exhibition queries its rationale and continued relevance by recuperating its "feminine" gender criteria as instead an artistic strategy that refuses the gendered stereotypes to which art by women has been subjected. To do so, the curators propose seven thematic constellations for subverting and reclaiming the "feminine" beyond biological, aesthetic, and social boundaries.

The sister-sited exhibition features over 80 works on paper, paintings, and sculptures by 72 artists, including Kara Walker, Lesley Dill, Betye Saar, Edna Andrade, Eleanor Heller, Nancy Spero, Joan Mitchell, and Kay Walkingstick. The two sites will be joined by programming and an exhibition catalogue available at Bryn Mawr College.

Take it Away, Keep it Together
Through November 26, 2017
Alumni Gallery, Historic Landmark Building

New work by Kate McCammon and Noah Steinman, graduates of PAFA’s MFA program and recipients of the 2016 Faculty Exhibition Award

Through Kate McCammon’s unweaving of silk, and Noah Steinman’s reimagining of found texts, both artists explore construction, deconstruction, exposure, and concealment.

Take it Away, Keep it Together showcases altered books and fabrics that share common threads of intimacy and fragility. McCammon and Steinman embrace the reclamation of familiar objects and materials into new and tactile objects, and create an intimate experience for viewers.

The artists graduated from PAFA's Master of Fine Arts program. As recipients of the 2016 Faculty Exhibition Award, they were invited to return to PAFA one year after graduation for a museum exhibition of their recent work.

Kate McCammon received her MFA from PAFA in 2016 and her BFA in Painting from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012. She has been awarded a number of residencies, including the Starry Night Residency Program in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica in Venice, Italy; and the Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, Vermont. Currently she lives and works in Philadelphia, where her studio practice involves the making of objects out of fabrics, mesh, lace, and other media. Calling on painting as a framework, her deconstructed fabric pieces with their revealed threads and iridescent surfaces mimic the strokes of a paint brush and the light within a landscape.

Delving into her process, McCammon states: “With a tack, I scratch into and pull at the threads of various fabrics to reveal what lies beneath; I stiffen cloth with paint to appear as folded sheets of metal; I cut and weave painted mesh into aged textile-like forms. The process begins with an obsessive curiosity about the material and the need to dig into it.”

Noah Steinman graduated from Oberlin College in 2013 with a BA in Studio Art and Art History, and received his PAFA MFA in May 2016. A passionate artist and art educator, Steinman currently works at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum as the Education Programs Assistant, and lives in Norwalk, Connecticut with his partner and his cat, Blueberry.

He says, “As a Queer, Jewish person, the books that I choose to alter (for example, selections from the Eugenics Publishing Company) hold great personal significance to me, while simultaneously serving as a socio-cultural artifact illuminating the dark corners of American history. Through my process of reclaiming and transforming these barbaric and alarmingly recent texts, I aim to shed light on the oppressive foundations of American culture while exposing the ways in which these types of systems and rhetoric persist today."

PAFA’s special exhibitions in 2017-18 are supported by a generous contribution from Jonathan L. Cohen.

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