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Leonardo Drew: Cycles, From the Collection of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Foundation
Trough November 17, 2021

Leonardo Drew’s prints, at once powerfully large yet fragile, test the versatility of the medium, transforming cotton paper pulp and pigment into what suggests densely populated cities, a forest, or an urban wasteland. They sometimes look like maps of geographical landscapes viewed from above, while others are reminiscent of the night sky and distant galaxies. Evocative of fire, soil, sky, and water, there are strong perceptions in both microcosmic and macrocosmic scale.

Organic forms within the composition undulate with various textures and luminosities, pushing the boundaries of its materiality. Much like his sculptural installations in wood, Drew starts with a raw material, transforming and reconstructing its essence until it resembles debris. Through this process, the artist articulates diverse histories of chaos, and cycles of birth and death.

Several examples of the artist’s sculptures will also be on view. Using a variety of off-the-shelf materials (wood, cardboard, paint, paper, plastic, rope, and string) combined with natural materials such as branches or tree trunks, Drew subjects these elements to processes of oxidation, burning, and weathering. These labor-intense manipulations mimic natural processes and transforms these objects into sculptures that address both formal and social concerns, as well as the cyclical nature of existence.

The exhibition is curated by Loretta Yarlow, Director of the University Museum of Contemporary Art, UMass, Amherst and organized by the Jordan Schnitzer Family Foundation.

Robert Andy Coombs: Notions of Care
Through November 7, 2021

Robert Andy Coombs: Notions of Care presents selected works from the photographer’s series Cripfag. Coombs creates personal narratives that invite the viewer to partake in the intimate details of his life. Through this series he documents his rich experiences at the intersection of sexuality and disability, which are rarely expressed publicly in contemporary visual culture. Coombs describes his approach as unapologetic; he presents his own body boldly and confidently. The title of the series embraces and reclaims two epithets “crip” and “fag.” In this suite of photographs, Coombs reimagines these words, producing a new context in which personal and revealing moments are carefully and sensitively laid bare. Challenging preconceptions of disability while revealing an autobiographical narrative filled with both joy and the banal, Coombs brings visitors along to relate and revel in his journey.

Born in Michigan in 1987, the artist received his BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design and his MFA from Yale University. He lives and works in Miami, Florida.

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum organized this exhibition to complement FIU’s Common Reading Program and First Year Experience course. This year, FIU’s entering class and other new students read Sitting Pretty: The View from My Ordinary Resilient Disabled Body by Rebekah Taussig. This book shares the author’s coming of age story and relates her experiences with ableism and her relationships with family and friends. Taussig desired to create a text that details a nuanced depiction of her life to augment the dearth of disability representation in popular culture.

All photographs are presented courtesy of the artist.

Place and Purpose: Art Transformation in Coconut Grove
Through September 19, 2021

For decades, Coconut Grove has attracted artists, writers, and musicians. The Frost has chosen to tell a story of a moment in the Grove’s rich history through a select group of visual artists. The creative life of the Grove sprang from the vibrant people who chose to create in this Miami neighborhood. It is not a single artist or group of artists but the spirit of a community that has contributed to the Grove’s reputation as a wellspring of creativity.

In Miami, neighborhoods change rapidly, and populations shift and swell like the rising sea level. Place and Purpose: Art Transformation in Coconut Grove celebrates the role of a community as a creative space as well as a key driver behind a young city’s evolution. Coconut Grove established itself in the 1960’s as the local haven for a diverse group of artists, writers, musicians, and art galleries.

In historic Bahamian West Coconut Grove, the Miami Black Arts Workshop (MBAW) provided a community space for Black artists. Some of the artists represented include Roland Woods, Jr., Robert McKnight, Donald McKnight, Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, and Pamela Kabuya Bowens-Saffo, among others. Community activists, as well as artists, these leaders created a powerful space in Coconut Grove through the MBAW, a venue that welcomed young people to learn about art and activism.

Coconut Grove was also home to artists like Annette Rawlings, who combined interests in fashion, painting, and ceramics, as well as Owen Lee, a prolific, self-taught artist who worked with paper, tapestries, and sail cloth. Other featured artists include Ronni Bogaev, Erika King, Eugene Massin, Lisa Remeny, and Tony Scornavacca, among others.

The Grove’s rich history has contributed to the complex narrative of Miami as a home for myriad cultures and the arts that define and shape our experience of them. Community events such as the Coconut Grove Arts Festival (dating back to 1963), the Goombay Festival (established in 1977), and the King Mango Strut Parade (founded in 1982) became signature events of the Grove that continue today. While most art galleries have long since moved out of the Grove and today’s prohibitive real estate prices discourage artists and musicians from living in the Grove, the neighborhood’s history as an artistic mecca remains its legacy in Miami.

This exhibition was made possible with generous support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Art Dealers Association of America Foundation, PNC Bank, the Office of Commissioner Ken Russell, the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District, and the members of the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum.

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Art Dealers Association of America Foundation

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